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Licensure and Individualized Learning

As I continue to think about expanding the capacity of competency-based education, proficiency-based education or individualized learning, I continue to struggle with several obstacles.  One main obstacle for me is the licensure issue.  As we continue to support the philosophy of “anytime, everywhere” learning, we need to consider the impact to, and from, our practices.  I am extremely supportive of an all-encompassing curriculum of ‘learning’ at it truest sense, while still ensuring that the Iowa Core is completely learned.

My struggle remains how we as a system will be able to document ‘learning’.  I believe the Board of Educational Examiners will need to revisit its licensure policies.  Districts like the one I serve currently do not have the teachers licensed to address the multitude of learning pathways that will be formed with individualized education.  In fact, no district does.  What if my students want to learn Arabic or marine biology or rocket science?  Are my teachers currently certified for that?

I think the BOEE and the DE need to think about how they plan to address this concern.  The momentum is building, and the conversation about this needs to begin.

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